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Referral Program

At Wicked Wrenches we offer discounts for referring new customers. If you're an existing customer and you refer a new customer to us you will receive $25.00 off your next visit.

Dragon Skin Bedliners


The DragonSkin Liner is sprayed directly onto the original truck bed. The DragonSkin Liner forms a permanent airtight and watertight seal that prevents rusting and corrosion and stands up to the most extreme hot or cold temperatures, yet still remains flexible.

Amsoil Additives


We offer a full line of Amsoil products at Wicked Wrenches. If you don't see a specific product you are looking for give us a call and we can special order it for you!

Brake Service Special

If you come into Wicked Wrenches and have both, pads and rotors, replaced on either the front or back of your vehicle you will receive $15.00 off of your purchase.


We can take you from this to this.


Remote Car Start

We can install any brand of remote car starter that you are looking for. Simply tell us the type, we can order it, properly install it in your vehicle and you're all set!


FASS Fuel System


FASS Diesel Fuel Systems are the number one preferred Fuel Air Separation System in the world over. FASS Systems are designed to eliminate Air & Vapor trapped in diesel fuel. At Wicked Wrenches we deal and install FASS systems. 

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